12" - MANDO DIAO - STOP THE TRAIN Vol 1. 4 track EP

If there's one thing Mando Diao have always avoided, it's predictability. Almost all their work has been an unexpected reaction to their most recent venture. They are musically periodical and cannot resist creating new challenges, ways of thinking and concepts to stay stimulated. It's easy for touring bands to feel like you're being deprived of your identity, job, and money when all tours are canceled. Like most, Mando Diao were caught off guard when everything came to a halt. The first months were a bit shaky, they admit. However, they quickly picked themselves back up and decided to use the pandemic in the best way possible: by being creative. By the time the first recording session with Charlie Storm was over, the band already had half a dozen finished songs. After a total of 15 recording days, they ended up with work that amounted to an album and a half. This work will be divided into three volumes to be released in portions starting this May. The first volume is called "Stop the Train" and contains the songs Stop the Train, Animal, Frustration and Loner. When all three volumes have been released digitally and as limited vinyl editions, they will be gathered onto a physical album. A mix of modern and old school, just like Mando Diao themselves.



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Artist MANDO DIAO 15 Releasedatum2022-05-20 LagerstatusFörhandsbeställning LeveranstidCa 20 maj Art nr46271 VarugruppVinyl Format12" KatalognummerPGMLT159 Skivbolagplayg 1 GenreAlternative Rock 1596 SkickNy, ospelad

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