LIMITED EDITION Incl. 4 track bonusdisc with club remixes from Fair Sex, 8kHz Mono, Punto Omega and Children W. 1000 copies worldwide. The brand new fullenght album. Smashing club EBM with catchy melodies. This album sets new levels in the music of Project-X and proves the audience once again that this is the leading swedish EBM act. One of the best swedish electro albums in years is here. 10 tracks to become future classics all in their own way. Includes the clubhits "Infetced" and "Reminder". Beware of the new clubsmashers "Stay Awake", "Lies 2k2" and "Last Notes". This Limited Edition 1000 copies worldwide includes a bonus 4 track disc with remixes from The Fair Sex, 8kHz Mono, Punto Omega and Children Within. 1. Last Notes 2. Infected 3. Stay Awake 4. Blindfold 5. Lies 2k2 6. No Regrets 7. Humiliate 8. Reminder 9. Modus Operandi 10.Unreal BONUS DISC: 1. Lies 2K2 The Fair Sex Remix 2. Last Notes 8kHz Mono Remix 3. Lies 2K2 Punto Omega Remix 4. Last Notes Children Within Remix

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Artist PROJECT-X 10 Releasedatum2003-05-26 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 dagar Art nr52940 VarugruppCD/DVD Format2CD KatalognummerERCD156L SkivbolagEnergy Rekords 140 GenreEBM 222 SkickNy, ospelad