2LP - BURZUM - THULEAN MYSTERIES Limited transparant vinyl.

"The intention with it was always to create a certain atmosphere, often related to an idea or a situation. Since my true passion has never been music, but actually tabletop role-playing games, I figured I should make this an album intended for that use; as background music for my own MYFAROG (Mythic Fantasy Role-playing Game). Hopefully you will get a sense of Thule when you listen to this, like always with Burzum, ideally when on your own. I hope you will enjoy this soundtrack to Thule, to Mother Nature and life itself" - Varg Vikernes


- 1 -
1. The Sacred Well
2. The Loss of a Hero
3. Forebears
4. A Thulean Perspective
5. Gathering of Herbs
6. Heill Auk Saell
7. Jotunnheimr
8. Spell-Lake Forest
9. The Ettin Stone Heart
10. The Great Sleep
11. The Land of Thule
12. The Lord of the Dwarves
13. A Forgotten Realm
14. Heill Odinn, Sire
15. The Ruins of Dwarfmount
16. Thulean Sorcery
- 2 -
1. Thulean Sorcery
2. Descent Into Niflheimr
3. Skin Traveller
4. The Dream Land
5. Thulean Mysteries
6. The Password
7. The Loss of Thule

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Artist BURZUM 2 Releasedatum2020-03-20 LagerstatusEj i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 veckor Art nr28135 VarugruppVinyl Format2LP KatalognummerBOB SkivbolagBack On Black 24 GenreBlack / Death / Doom 352 SkickNy, ospelad