Soulfly''s sixth offering for Roadrunner Records, Conquer, may very well be the musical equivalent of the movie Braveheart. The songs - much like the warriors in the film- channel raw, unbridled rage through a cacophony of thrash guitars, infectious grooves, tribal polyrhythms and Max Cavalera''s unmistakable, thunderous roar. On this record, Soulfly unleash a metallic mayhem unlike anything they''ve done previously. Conquer shifts from unrelenting, precise speed metal to slow, brooding doom. Mark Rizzo''s lead guitar rips with the precision of a smart bomb, while Bobby Burns grinds out volatile, chest-caving bass lines. Drummer Joe Nunez crushes behind the kit, forging a rhythmic background for all-out sonic war. Once again, it''s the legendary Max Cavalera who stands at the eye of the storm, uniting the musical tribe and acting as its unofficial leader. His voice and guitar command the tribe into battle with each line and riff. Grab your war paint and prepare for the onslaught. TRACKLISTING: 01. BLOOD FIRE WAR HATE 02. UNLEASH 03. PARANOIA 04. WARMAGEDDON 05. ENEMY GHOST 06. FALL OF THE 07. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO 08. TOUCHING THE VOID 09. SOULFLY VI

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Artist SOULFLY 2 Releasedatum2008-08-13 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1-3 dagar Art nr80436 VarugruppVinyl Format2LP KatalognummerC35238 SkivbolagRoadrunner 24 GenreBlack / Death / Doom 369 SkickNy, ospelad