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1000 copies pressed on double black vinyl, gatefold sleeve & DL card. First time on vinyl. Double album capturing the Television Personalities live, with the classic line up of Daniel Treacy, Jowe Head and Jeff Bloom. 21 tracks featuring unreleased versions and a song that never made it to the studio. A side apiece from the Thames Poly in 1985, East Berlin in '89, New York in '92 and Bremen in '93. Download includes seven tracks from the intimate and exclusive - and hungover - Kim's Underground Show in New York. Remastered from the original tapes with extensive sleeve notes and input from Jowe and Jeff. Includes expanded liner notes. The fourth instalment in a series of compilations for the band, lovingly put together by Fire Records.


First We Take The Cellar Bar - THAMES POLY CELLAR BAR 26.7.85

A1 A Good And Faithful Servant
A2 Stop And Smell The Roses
A3 How I Learned To Love The Bomb/Back To Vietnam  
Ich Bin Ein Mod! BERLIN - Insel Der Jugend -20.7.89

B1 Paradise Is For The Blessed
B2 Tell Me About Your Drugs
B3 Salvador's Dali Garden Party
B4 Three Wishes
B5 All My Dreams Are Dead  
Knitting For Britain NEW YORK - Knitting Factory 4.4.92

C1 You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
C2 Me And My Imaginary Friend
C3 Silly Girl
C4 You, Me And Lou Reed
C5 Hard Luck Story #39
C6 Honey For The Bears  
Goodnight Spacemen, Everywhere BREMEN - Wehrschloss 2.4.93

D1 Me And My Big Ideas
D2 Goodnight Mr Spaceman
D3 My Very First Nervous Breakdown
D4 I Hope You Have A Nice Day
D5 David Hockney's Diaries
D6 Love Is Better Than War  

Bonus Tracks Available On The Digital Download Only: An Unplugged Hangover NEW YORK - Kim's Underground 5.4.92 1 The Man Who Paints Rainbows
2 Goodnight Mr Spaceman
3 If I Could Write Poetry
4 The Boy In The Paisley Shirt
5 Part Time Punks
6 Clear Day
7 Living Next Door To Alice  




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