Maintaining, at best, a cult following in the U.S., England''s Wildhearts are the beloved workhorse underdogs of U.K. hard rock. Starting out in the early 1990s, the Wildhearts, led by iconic frontman Ginger, went as much against the grain as a band could during the Britpop explosion of the era. The Wildhearts blended hard rock, punk, metal, and pop melodies for a sound that had more in common with Guns ''N Roses and American hair metal than Madchester party bands. The band released numerous albums and EPs throughout their long career, and saw several singles do quite well on the U.K. charts. A beloved anomaly in the world of U.K. pop and rock, the Wildhearts continue to soldier on into the new millennium. disc 1 o 1. Turning American [Terry Date mix] o 2. Liberty Cap [Terry Date mix] o 3. Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes [Terry Date mix] o 4. Crying Over Nothing [Terry Date mix] o 5. Splattermania o 6. Dreaming In A o 7. Weekend (Five Long Days) o 8. Greetings From Shitsville o 9. TV Tan o 10. Everlone o 11. Loveshit o 12. Miles Away Girl o 13. My Baby Is A Headfuck o 14. News Of The World o 15. Love You Till I Don''t disc 2 o 1. Dangerlust o 2. Show A Little Emotion o 3. Caffeine Bomb o 4. Girlfriend Clothes o 5. And The Bullshit Goes On o 6. Suckerpunch o 7. 29x The Pain o 8. Beautiful Thing You o 9. If Life Is Like A Lovebank I Want An Overdraft o 10. Geordie In Wonderland o 11. Do The Channel Bop o 12. I Wanna Go Where The People Go [single version] o 13. Can''t Do Right For Doing Wrong o 14. V Day o 15. Just In Lust disc 3 o 1. Nita Nitro o 2. Jonesing For Jones o 3. Naivety Play o 4. In Lilly''s Garden o 5. Getting It o 6. Mindslide o 7. Friend For Five Minutes o 8. Sick Of Drugs o 9. Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time o 10. Underkill o 11. Red Light Green Light o 12. All American Home Boy Crowd o 13. Schizophonic o 14. Sky Babies o 15. Nite Songs

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