7" - ORANGE JUICE FROM THE CRYPT - A DINNER WITH US 4 tracks, lim.Ed. 666 copies, GG Allin-styled

This is the final testament for one of the most promising and unlucky italian bands ever... well known for their short and fast sets that left the stages dirty and broken after their wild performances. 4 great songs in the vein of GG Allin & the Jabbers, Angry Samoans and everything else made the word punk rock sound good in the early 80''s. This record comes in a limited edition of 666 copies, available in 6 different colours, and REALLY KICKS ASS!! THIS IS punk rock as it was meant to be.

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Artist ORANGE JUICE FROM THE CRYPT 2 Releasedatum2003-03-07 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1-3 dagar Art nr51766 VarugruppVinyl Format7" Katalognummerscr007 SkivbolagScarey 9 GenreDirty Rock 'n' Roll 771 SkickNy, ospelad