BOOK - ART OF MUSIC ( Book ) - BOOK - A cavalcade of Swedish handmade album covers

Hardbound book, 132 pages, Lots of pictures of rare handmade records sleeves.


As long as LPs have been pressed, handmade, unique covers have been made. The book Art of Music presents a cavalcade of handmade Swedish album covers with a variety of artists, from Monica Zetterlund to Håkan Hellström.

Among the artists and musicians who participate in the book with their works are Jockum Nordström, Jens Fänge, Mats Gustafsson, Love Antell, Dan Fröberg, Hellstrom Street Art and Hurula who all talk about their relationship to album covers, their own and others'.


An LP is like an intersection where music, design, image, art and text radiate together - and it's always the square shaped cover that invites you to a sonic journey that might take you to places you´ve never been to before. Maybe the album is better than the cover had you believe, maybe the music is disappointing. For the true classic records, music and covers form an indivisible whole.

But sometimes the cover itself is unique. It can be handmade, available in a limited edition, often only in a single copy. Maybe the record itself is unplayable - still a record but at the same time something completely different and thus even more silently magical.


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