LP - DITA VON TEESE & Sebastian Tellier - DITA VON TEESE

Alabaster face and cherry red lips, curves often outlined by a black satin sheath, **Dita Von Teese** sings about the power of seduction and the ecstasy of letting go in an album bearing her name, written and composed by **Sébastien Tellier.**


**Sébastien Tellier** has long dreamt of composing for a woman, but was not inspired by any of the professional singers. **Dita** reminded him of Snow White, but when he saw her arrive at the studio in her black Mercedes, he understood that she was a ghost. Observing her, always smiling, available, I thought of mermaids, shells, mother of pearl objects and of marble. **Tellier's** wife, *Amandine de La Richardière,* wrote some sexy pop lyrics to balance the melodrama of my tragic vision that love always ends - in my songs - in bitterness and regret.


Recorded in Sydney, Los Angeles and Paris, **Dita Von Teese** owes much to the talents of composer **Sébastien Tellier,** the singing of **Dita Von Teese** and the art of two instrumentalists-the programmer and keyboard player, **John Kirby,** famous for his work with *Solange, Blood Orange,* and *Money Mark,* and *Daniel Stricker,* the drummer of the Australian group the Midnight Juggernauts-who coproduced the album with **Sébastien Tellier,** under the name of *Mind Gamers.*


Listen to *'Rendez-Vous'* [here](https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=oCmFSBBEPn0).

    A1:    Sparkling Rain

    A2:    Rendez-Vous

    A3:    La Vie Est Un Jeu

    A4:    My Lips On Your Lips

    A5:    Bird Of Prey

    B1:    Parfum

    B2:    Fevers And Candies

    B3:    Saticula

    B4:    Dangerous Guy

    B5:    Porcelain


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