Limited to 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl. Originating in Hatfield, UK in 1967, Octopus released their lone LP, Restless Night, in 1971 on the Penny Farthing label, produced by Tony Murray of The Troggs. Bridging the gap between 60s psychedelia and a harder edged 70s sound, Octopus drew on the obvious touchstones of the time, Lennon/McCartney, Argent/Blunstone, and the brothers Davies and Gibb, but they have the songwriting and playing chops to make this album much more than an also-ran. With hooks galore, swirling organ, and fuzztone guitars, Restless Nights is a prime piece of early 70s UK psychedelia that''s rare as hen''s teeth in its original form. Fortunately for you, the listener, it''s now back in print on LP! TRACKLISTING: 01. THE RIVER 02. SUMMER 03. COUNCIL PLANS 04. RESTLESS NIGHT 05. THIEF 06. QUEEN AND THE PAUPER 07. I SAY 08. JOHNS'' ROCK 09. RAINCHILD 10. TIDE

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Artist OCTOPUS 2 Releasedatum2016-01-26 LagerstatusEj i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 veckor Art nr94997 VarugruppVinyl FormatLP SkivbolagRadiation 41 Genre60s Beat / Pop / Garage 2137 SkickNy, ospelad