Sony Music Sweden recently signed the talented and critically acclaimed singer songwriter, Markus Svensson a.k.a. "The Tarantula Waltz". November 8th is the release of the Tarantula Waltz' 5th album Kallocain. A natural follow-up to his previous embraced album Blue As In Bliss (2017).

First single Fallin' will be released on September 27th. "This song came to me one a February morning when I tried to put on both my kids their overalls. Suddenly I had the whole song in mind. It felt very obvious. It's a 'us against the world song'. When I got home that day I sat down at the piano and then the whole song was there. I have a hard time talking about the lyric because I think it speaks better for itself." - Markus.

The album is inspired by Swedish author and poet Karin Boye's book about the truth-serum Kallocain - the dizzying idea of total sincerity. Markus felt a strong need to make an album without filters. The writing process was therapeutic after a suddenly changed life situation. The need to cope with the situation became much stronger than the need to please other people with new music.


1. Fallin'
2. Duende
3. Can Not Be That Hard
4. Highs Are So High..
5. January 53ed
6. One With Nothing Lalala
7. Life Won't Wait For Us
8. Hth
9. Kallocain

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