Children on Stun was one of the leading underground acts, and probably the most innovative, of the UK in the 1990’s. “Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion” also holds a promovideo track and some bonus tracks from songwriter Simon M.’s new band Spares. Two pop songs with a heavier edge than the Stun of old and a remix by ex. Children on Stun front man Neil Ash, who indulges himself within the dance scene. With 71 minutes of audio and 4 minutes of video delights it’s certainly super value for the money!   1. Hollow 2. When Lovers Die 3. Choices 4. Shallow White 5. Celebration (Chocolate Starfish mix) 6. Whiskey A Go Go (Black Fluff On The Bell End mix) 7. The Hipster (Chocolate Speedway mix) 8. Twisted (Kinky version) 9. Style Police (Vogue version) 10. Building Boxes (Imaginary Entertainment mix) 11. Aunty Crystal´s Thieves (Bent mix) 12. Mondo Weird (Rat Fink a Fuckwit mix) 13. Scum (Terrorist Kickback mix) 14. Mungbean Chillim 15. Ordinary Day Ordinary Town 16. Hourglass (Trailertrash mix) VCD Whiskey A Go Go

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Artist CHILDREN ON STUN 2 Releasedatum2006-03-24 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1-3 dagar Art nr69310 VarugruppCD/DVD FormatCD KatalognummerMACDL959 SkivbolagM&A 13 GenreGothic Rock 153 SkickNy, ospelad