CD - DIARY OF DREAMS - NEKROLOG Deluxe Limited version

The first limited edition comes in a special ‘ecolbook’ packaging with 32 pages booklet, special deep black CD, exclusive photos! ! Diary of Dreams are back, 3 years after “Nigredo” – an album that was showered with praise world wide and earned them seven cover stories before they started their acclaimed and extensive world tour. The follow up – Diary of Dreams’ 9th studio album – is called “Nekrolog 43”, a rather cryptic title. But how do you follow such a successful album as “Nigredo”? Quite simple: You don’t try to copy the formula but define new and even higher standards – for yourself and others. Thematically, “Nekrolog 43” takes off where “MenschFeind” left us in the dark but the music of the new album is even more intense, profound and extremely diversified. It varies from quiet passages to sections with strong dynamics and almost explosive rhythms. For more than 70 minutes total running time, the 13 songs take the listener on a trip through incredible emotional ups and downs. It is a dark and melancholy world we’re about to explore and experience, a world that is fascinating but also deeply shocking. This impression is strengthened by the exquisite artwork, an aspect that already caused a big sensation when “MenschFeind” and "Nigredo" were released. The band has always paid enormous attention to even the smallest detail, and again this proves to be one of their biggest fortes, now reaching a new level of perfection. “Nekrolog 43” is its own monument, an impressive sequel of a story that focuses on seemingly endless inspiration and discovery. Diary of Dreams have long earned their place in music history but this new album shows again they deserve it.

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Artist DIARY OF DREAMS 3 Releasedatum2007-10-26 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 dagar Art nr76859 VarugruppCD/DVD FormatCD Katalognummer904302 SkivbolagAccession 4 GenreElectro / Future Pop 82 SkickNy, ospelad