2LP - JAMES, ELMORE - TO KNOW A MAN UK Original Pressing

To Know A Man Volume 1
Hand In Hand / I Have A Right To Love My Baby / Hand In Hand (7:45)
A1.1 Tape Announcement
A1.2 Hand In Hand - Take 1 3:10
A1.3 Tape Announcement And Band Tuning 0:25
A1.4 I Have A Right To Love My Baby 2:45
A1.5 Hand In Hand - Take 2 (Last Verse) 1:25
Hand In Hand - Take 3 (3:15)
A2.1 Tape Announcement
A2.2 Hand In Hand - Take 3
A3 Hand In Hand - Take 4 3:04
A4 Everyday I Have The Blues 3:26
Dust My Broom (3:48)
B1.1 Tape Announcement And Speech 0:50
B1.2 Dust My Broom 2:58
It Hurts Me Too (3:24)
B2.1 Tape Announcement
B2.2 It Hurts Me Too - Take 1
Talk To Me Baby / Can't Stop Loving My Baby (5:30)
B3.1 Tape Announcement
B3.2 [False Start] Talk To Me Baby - Take 1 3:00
B3.3 Tape Announcement
B3.4 Can't Stop Loving My Baby 2:30
Got To Move (4:06)
B4.1 Tape Announcement
B4.2 Got To Move
Manhattan Slide (3:36)
B5.1 Tape Announcement
B5.2 Manhattan Slide
To Know A Man Volume 2
Twelve Year Old Boy (4:15)
C1.1 Speech And Tape Announcement 0:45
C1.2 Twelve Year Old Boy 3:30
Elmore Jumps One (4:10)
C2.1 Tape Announcement
C2.2 Elmore Jumps One - 1st False Start 0:25
C2.3 Elmore Jumps One - 2nd False Start 0:30
C2.4 Elmore Jumps One - Take 1 3:15
I Believe / I Gotta Go Now (7:55)
C3.1 I Believe - Take 1 3:40
C3.2 Speech And Announcement 0:35
C3.3 I Gotta Go Now 3:40
Back In Mississippi (3:40)
C4.1 Musicians In Discussion: Speech Only
C4.2 Back In Mississippi
Second Fiddle Man (2:30)
D1.1 Unidentified Singer Possibly "Bushy Head"
D1.2 Tape Announcement
D1.3 Second Fiddle Man
Make My Dreams Come True (3:37)
D2.1 Tape Announcement
D2.2 Make My Dreams Come True - False Start 0:35
D2.3 Make My Dreams Come True - Take 3 3:02
Mean Mistreatin' Mama (4:30)
D3.1 Tape Announcement
D3.2 Mean Mistreatin' Mama - Take 1 Incomplete 1:35
D3.3 Mean Mistreatin' Mama - Take 2 2:55
D4 Mean Mistreastin Mama - Take 3 2:50
Sunnyland (2:25)
D5.1 Tape Announcement
D5.2 Sunnyland - Take 1
Footrace To A Resting Place / Wrong Doing Woman (5:35)
D6.1 Unidentified Singer Possibly "Bushy Head". Speech
D6.2 Footrace To A Resting Place 3:05
D6.3 Tape Announcement
D6.4 Wrong Doing Woman

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