2LP - PVC - ANTHOLOGY 1977-2007

PVC was founded straight after the first punk rock concert ( 25.02.1977 The Vibrators ) in Berlin by Knut Schaller bass/voc., Raymond Ebert guit./voc. and Gerrit Meijer guit./voc.. After trying out different drummers, Jürgen Dobroczek showed up at the and of ma, to complete the first line up. In this combination, PVC existed till february 1979 . During that time, in march 1978, the group created the term WALL CITY ROCK, wich gave them more freedom to develope their musical spectrum. After the departure of Jürgen D., PVC found new accompaniment in singer Trevor Watkins and drummer Uli Kukulies. Only six months later, they gave up. Trevor and Gerrit formed WHITE RUSSIA. Together with drummer Uwe Hoffmann and bassist Piers Headley, they released two albums (1981 East Side Story, 1982 Language And Noise). Knut and Raymond carried on with new guitarist Jimmy Voxx and after a short intermission with original drummer Jürgen D., Torsten Kühnemann on percussion. This formation lastet from late 1979 –1984. In autumn 1988, Gerrit had the idea for a christmas special with the original members. It only took about 30 minutes to call them all back. The big success of the two concerts, encouraged the group, to continue. After the release of a single with Bela B. ( DIE ÄRZTE ), they recorded their own new material. But things went wrong with the management and the whole concept. Knut’s weak constitution made it necessary for him, to stop any activities in february 1990 (he died 14.10.1990). Piers Headley, now with CONTINENTAL RED filled the gap.18 months later, Jürgen D. lost interest and was replaced by Derek Ballard. Despite musical skills PVC lost the original intention more and more and became just another rock band. In this situation it was an easy step, to split in december 1991. In 2004, Gerrit got in contact with THE SHOCKS, to form a PVC cover band called GERRIT AND THE R’N R’STALINISTS. Because of idiological reasons this project came to an end in september 2005. Since november 2005, Gerrit plays with Tom Petersen (ex MARQUEE MOON) drums and „Steiff“(ex STONE COLD AND CRAZY ) on bass. After a couple of gigs as GERRIT AND THE.....he decided to call the group, PVC again, because this band shows the right intention and spirit of the original formation. Since november 2006 Robbi Linke is the current bassist TRACKLISTING: 01. EVA BRAUN IS BACK IN TOWN (LIVE 14.10.1977 ÜBUNGSRAUM) 02. NO CANDLES NO CAKE (LIVE 31.01.1977 ÜBUNGSRAUM) 03. RUSTY NAILS (LIVE 04.06.1977 ÜBUNGSRAUM) 04. KNUT SCHALLER SPRICHT 05. HISTORY (LIVE 16.07.1979 ÜBUNGSRAUM INTERZONE) 06. WE''RE NOT THE BOCHE (LIVE 16.07.1979 ÜBUNGSRAUM INTERZONE) 07. DA DA COMPETITION (LIVE 16.07.1979 ÜBUNGSRAUM INTERZONE) 08. KNUT SCHALLER SPRICHT 09. TROUBLE EVERY DAY (LIVE KANT KINO 26.11.1980) 10. MODERN LIFE (LIVE KANT KINO 26.11.1980) 11. SEARCH AND DESTROY (LIVE KANT KINO 26.11.1980) 12. CONCRETE JUNGLE 13. THE WAY WE FEEL 14. DREAM FACTORY 15. WHAT I NEED WHAT I WANT 16. WHY DON''T YOU DO IT? 17. MIDNIGHT SUN 18. THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN'' 19. MEDLEY: LOUIE LOUIE/WILD THING/GET OFF OF MY CLOUD 20. PUSHIN'' TOO HARD DISC #2: 01. SUPERSONIC 02. 80 DAYS IN ONE DAY 03. SEX WILL SURVIVE 04. BERLIN BY NIGHT 05. MY BABY 06. FEELS GOOD - ALRIGHT 07. FOREVER AND EVER 08. SH-SHAME 09. THAT PILLOW NEXT TO ME (MONONGO STUDIO 16.11.-12.12.1989) 10. WITH THESE HANDS (MONONGO STUDIO 16.11.-12.12.1989) 11. PRIMITIVE (MONONGO STUDIO (08.08.-19.08.1991) 12. TO BE FREE (MONONGO STUDIO (08.08.-19.08.1991) 13. KNUT SPRICHT 14. HEAP KICK (CONNY ISLAND STUDIO 03.-06.11.2006) 15. GUNS DON''T TALK (CONNY ISLAND STUDIO 03.-06.11.2006) 16. HOLY INCEST (CONNY ISLAND STUDIO 03.-06.11.2006) 17. SAY WHEN (CONNY ISLAND STUDIO 03.-06.11.2006) 18. BINGE DRINKING (CONNY ISLAND STUDIO 03.-06.11.2006)

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