If you don''t count the two LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN albums that the man himself recorded as a wrestling rock''n''roll one-man-band, brandnew album "Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol. 1" is not only album #3, but also the best so far. The debut "Get On Your Knees" was a proper ''blues trash smash hit" and one of the best sellers at Voodoo Rhythm, whereas album #2 "Your Favourite Position Is On Your Knees" got off to a somewhat difficult start simply because its "industrial gospel horror soundtrack'' was so very different from its predecessor. But now, with the arrival of "Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol. 1" it all makes sense. Does this sound complicated to you? It should! But you can happily trust anyone that tells you that REVEREND BEAT-MAN''s latest offering is THE SHIT! Half of the record was recorded with a little help from Delaney Davidson of DEAD BROTHERS fame on drums and Robert "Pantichrist" Butler on slide-guitar. The remaining half was recorded in BEAT-MAN''s living-room and bathroom. "The Clown Of The Town" is dedicated to HOWLING WOLF and a local celebrity called Dällenbach Karl, a legendary local Swiss drunk and - literally - clown of the town in the late 30s. "I Belong To You" and "I Wanna Know" is garage punk down to the bone while "Coco Grace" and "One Fine Day" are sweet, sweet ballads. Liam Watson (TOE RAG, WHITE STRIPES) had this today: "This time there''s a strong focus on the lyrics; it''s almost a recitation record - BEAT-MAN has turned into a real REVEREND on this record. SURREAL FOLK BLUES GOSPEL TRASH VOL1 is the 1st of 3 , vol2 will be out in dec 2007 and vol 3 will be a DVD with clips from the music of vol 1+2 made by film makers all around the world (Switzerland, germany, Poland, England..) TRACKLISTING: 01. THE CLOWN OF THE TOWN 02. I BELONG TO YOU 03. I''M HAPPY 04. COCO GRACE 05. JESUS CHRIST TWIST 06. OUR GIRLS (STUDIO VERSION) 07. ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER LIVE (STUDIO) 08. NO HOPE 09. I WANNA KNOW 10. ONE FINE DAY 11. MEINE KLEINE RUSSIN 12. THE BEAT-MAN WAY

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