With their debut album "Welcome to Gestrikland", KOMMANDO XY absolutely stands in the tradition of great Swedish EBM bands such as POUPPÉE FABRIKK, SPETSNAZ or SCAPA FLOW. "Gestrikland" is the name of a region in Eastern Sweden. It is home to the two members of KOMMANDO XY as well as their source of musical inspiration. But those who expect dreamy folk music will be taught a different lesson with ‘Welcome to Gestrikland’. Harsh oldschool EBM, programmed by Gustav Jansson (member of STURM CAFÉ), and the typical roaring voice of the singer Joke Mohlund make very clear that Swedish EBM is marching again! Ruthless, hard-nosed, electronic! "Welcome to Gestrikland" is being released on the German scene label Electric Tremor Dessau. Tracks: 01 Gestrikland 02 Genesis does (what Nintendon''t) 03 Gruvarbetare 04 Varför? 05 Vargavinter 06 Kvinnor 07 Parkfesten 08 Älgjakt 09 Brynäs IF 10 Vargen

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