Phosgore is a one-man project founded in 2008 by Flo Dietz. After ten years working as an Electro/EBM/Industrial DJ he decided to use his knowledge of the club scene to create music himself. Shortly after the first self-published promotional CD called “Club Domination” was released, Phosgore was signed to the German label ProNoize. At that time, tracks like “Hardcore Shit” or “Club Domination” were already being spinned in quite a few clubs. Some sampler contributions followed on foot, such as “Fleisch” being released on “Extreme Stoerfrequenz 2” or “Pain Tutorial” being a part of the fourth installment of the famous sampler series “Endzeit Bunkertracks”, the latter being a part of many harsh DJ sets all around the globe. To this day, Phosgore has also achieved quite a history of live shows, which include playing at the Dark Dance Treffen (Germany), the Schatten-Tanz Festival (Germany) and at the world’s longest running dark scene club: the Slimelight London. Where Phosgore plays live, only ashes (and the occasional screaming fangirl) remain. When on stage, Flo is joined by lovely Sonja, who assists him in dominating clubs all over the world. Phosgore lacks dark romantic song texts and multi-coloured-plastic-hair sporting singers, and there are no bats flying out of anyone’s ass. Industrial, Electro and Hardstyle elements form some of the most unrelenting tracks of today’s dark music scene. Phosgore is uncompromising music for an uncompromising audience. Now, the time of waiting is over, as the debut album “DOMINATION” is going to be released – 12 original Phosgore tracks, each one thumping like a jackhammer on steroids, plus 5 remixes by some of the biggest names of the business: Xotox, SAM, FabrikC, Stahlfrequenz and, as a premiere, [X]-RX. NO REMORSE / NO REGRET / NO COMPROMISE Tracks: 01 Noise Preacher 02 Pain Tutorial 03 Hardcore Shit 04 Red Red Krovvy 05 Fleisch 06 Destruktor 07 Club Domination 08 P.F.I.A 09 Smite the Weak 10 Diagnosis 11 Killerhertz 12 Niemand verarscht Jesus 13 Destruktor (SAM remix) 14 Pain Tutorial (traumatized by Xotox) 15 Red Red Krovvy (X-RX remix) 16 Killerhertz (FabrikC Remix) 17 Club Domination (Stahlfrequenz Remix)

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