The tall tale of BETA SATAN is the tale of five young men in their 20s who grew old and bitter, way too soon. The guys began complaining about the state of things: bad television, lousy music journalism, dead-end jobs, kids nowadays, the public transportation system, demanding girlfriends, the fear of not being able to reproduce and what have we. Five men, who in the end felt an urge to do things differently, to stop treating everybody as their new best friend, to make music journalists understand what research actually means, to laugh at stupid gig offers. To start bending the rules. When BETA SATAN got together to mock the world they fortunately found time to make music. Arrogant, fast and complex music about lousy singer/songwriters, teenage satan worshippers and raving madmen. And for once in their sour 20s, they found something they actually enjoyed. Getting pissed, writing songs and rants, playing them live and looking gravely at the audience, while having a hard time not laughing at their own hillbilly jokes. From small parts of bigheaded Denmark come K. R. Hansen, Kenneth Andersen, Johannes Gammelby, Morten Riis and Q, whom collectively is the sordid underbelly of BETA SATAN. They play straight-up rock instruments like guitar, drums and keyboards but it sounds like a hell-of-a-lot more. Like a sonic spanking with enough charm to make you forget that you''re actually being beaten by hardcore, insisting and arrogant pop tunes. It''s mind-boggling, it''s original and it''s arrogant enough to regret this document was written about BETA SATAN - but they''ll never admit that it has ever been an issue. That''s BETA SATAN for you - now go away! TRACKLISTING: 01. WHAT''S THE POINT 02. 666 03. RAVE KENNETH 04. PRAY THE GAY AWAY 05. LET''S TALK ABOUT SEX 06. PARTY ON THE DEATH STAR 07. FREE ADVICE 08. MATH AND CHEMISTRY 09. GREAT MOMENTS OF PLEASURE 10. INTO GHOSTS 11. THE ARROW THAT KILLED 12. FIVE WAY LEGEND

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