Accusation Blues , the fourth full-length record, finds the band journeying further into the annals of classic rock history. seems to have found the right El Guapo Stuntteam sound. It''s a near-perfect blend of their best heavy songs and mellow acoustic songs. The album flows nicely from top to bottom. There''s something about Accusation Blues that just feels right. I think it''s the El Guapo Stuntteam album that everyone knew they were capable. El Guapo Stuntteam doesn''t pretend to be anything but what they are, rock and roll. However, the songs vary enough to keep your attention throughout the entire album. A large portion of it is comprised of upbeat tunes that you could see yourself sharing a few beers with friends to while shooting pool at the pub. "Get down low" and "Storm passing by" are crunching, southern tinged rock-outs with just the right amount of boogieness . Hungry for the success that has eluded them thus far, this Belgian sextet give it their all and in doing so prove that the guitar-driven rock of "Four eyes" with great harp playing by new member Christophe Vaes and "Take yr hat off" along with the blues-based "Sailing black seas" kick as much ass today as they did 10 years ago when they first exploded out of Limburg, Belgium. "Real mean beauty" is easily my favorite Guns _'' Roses/ Aerosmith ballad from the album, pulling off a very "Free bird"- esque vibe near the end. Accusation Blues is the band''s best work. Every song is perfectly crafted. The threesome guitar attack of Cedric Maes , Christophe Dexters and Jethro Volders work together rather than serve as a contest of who can out-solo the other. Micha Volders and Michel Truyens offer a consistent and proper rhythm section. Gritty, gravely and great, El Guapo Stuntteam deliver kick-ass boozy rock ''n'' roll that never goes out of style. If you''re a fan of rock, stoner rock, southern rock, seventies rock, all of the above or any combination of them, there''s a good chance you''ll dig El Guapo Stuntteam . Diehard fans will no doubt love it, but I think this one will open up to a wider fanbase . TRACKLISTING: 01. BACK FROM THE GRAVE 02. GET DOWN LOW 03. FOUR EYES 04. REAL MEAN BEAUTY 05. TAKE YOUR HAT OFF 06. TIRED OF WAITING 07. STORM PASSING BY 08. EARLY MORNING STUMBLE OUT BLUES 09. SAILING BLACK SEAS 10. STOLE THE FOOD

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