Burial Hex first made itself known to Aurora Borealis a few years ago when browsing obscure blackened electronic treats online. The subsequent purchase delivered a rather bizarre cassette tape, totally without markings, and a cryptic, darkly printed simple cover bearing ancient symbols and occult schematics: Curses Of The Earth indeed. It conjured all sorts of imaginings - nocturnal rites, lonely vigils with archaic analogue equipment, moonlight, madness... In 2007 Aurora Borealis found itself face to face with Burial Hex across the strings of the ether, in communication via email, almost wholly by accident and coincidence. Taking this to be a sign, perhaps the hand of destiny, a deal was secured to release something. More instinct than reaction, no one knew what to expect. The "oppressive necro electronics" of the recordings heard so far gave little idea of what lay in store, of the new depths to be explored, the madness to be embraced. Initiations, the debut recording for Aurora Borealis, is a lengthy proposition. Clocking in at one hour thirteen minutes, it represents a journey, a metaphysical odyssey of uncertain outcome. From the psychoreligious clamour of "Will To The chapel" with its jihadic cries, through to the somnambulant, subterranean oscillations of "Eight Pentacles", the way ahead is far from clear, the atmosphere claustrophobic and threatening. "The River Of Los" showcases a new breadth of vision for Burial Hex with layers of undulating analogue synth and gentle percussion, an opiate addled take on the horror electronics hinted at previously, and perhaps an indication of things to come. This long track takes the listener on a river journey, part Apocalypse Now!, part Orpheus in The Underworld, submerged in Carpenter''s dense Fog, slow moving discomfort and ague. The album ends with the half speed collisions, static miasma and white noise squawl of "Bo -II- Ne", the listener deposited on shores unknown, prostrate at the feet of the infinite mystery. Burial Hex has surpassed all expectation with "Initiations": Kneel, o ye acolytes, before an astral-industrial opus of vast depth and occult magnitude. TRACKLISTING: 01. WILL TO THE CHAPEL 02. EIGHT PENTACLES 03. RIVER OF LOS 04. BO -II- NE

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