STOCK CLEARANCE by Appointment only


We have moved from our warehouse and closed there. We will soon open a new store in central Älmhult.  read more here


When we moved, we did a real cleansing. At least 20,000 Vinyls, CDs, T-shirts etc.will be on sale. Overstocks, cut outs, secondary records, promos and much more for you who want to bargain cheaply.
It will be possible to buy cheap in quantity. For example. A Moving Box with Lp´s for a couple of hundred SEK, At least 10,000 Lp´s that cost a maximum of SEK 30. CDs and 7 "singles for SEK 10 each. Unused records from our various "record companies" (Energy, Hot Stuff etc.), Promoex, cut outs etc. T-shirts and posters from tours we have made merchandise and much more.

However, not that we sell 1000 kronor rarities for 50% or similar, but a golden opportunity for you who want to buy cheap and / or are traders who want to sell on. Everything in the picture to the right is packed on tables and stools.
NOTE - You can only come if you book a place in advance. Please book below.


Due to the prevailing infection control mode with Covid-19, we can not let everyone in at once, so now we start with appointments to both make it infection control safe and be able to provide full service to our customers who visit us.

We let in a maximum of 20 people at a time. You can book a maximum of 2 hours on site and a maximum of 4 people in a group a booking. The room is very spacious so congestion is no risk if everyone behaves responsibly.
We start with the  Sunday 28th of March and will later add more dates as it is fully booked.
Keep an eye on this page.

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We will email out more detailed information as soon as we know. If you do not already subscribe to our newsletter, you can do it here.