LP - ALPHAVILLE - AFTERNOONS IN UTOPIA Deluxe remastered 180g Reissue

After the enormous global success of their debut album "Forever Young" (1984), German trio ALPHAVILLE set off to write another successful chapter in their career with the release of their second studio album "Afternoons In Utopia" (1986). The album reached Top 20 positions in five European countries and featured the singles "Dance With Me", "Universal Daddy", and "Jerusalem". Three years later they returned with their third studio album "The Breathtaking Blue" (1989). It introduced new musical elements and a musical concept, added electronic pioneer Klaus Schulze to the production team and embraced emerging technology (including one of the first CD-Graphic releases ever). In addition to the well-produced songs such as the single "Romeos", the album included the visually stunning and innovative film "Songlines" where nine directors did short movies inspired by one of the album tracks. Later renamed as "Balance ", the short film for the song "Middle of the Riddle" won an Academy Award for "Best Animated Short Film" the following year. "AFTERNOONS" is a timeless place we invented to keep on playing, now that we were bound to live forever. Playing like artists, fools or children. I still visit it time and again." - Marian Gold, February 2021 Now, fans can look forward to remastered and expanded Deluxe Editions of "Afternoons In Utopia" and "The Breathtaking Blue", personally supervised by ALPHAVILLE founding members Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd. Both albums have been remastered for the first time.


1. IAO - 2021 Remaster (0:43)    2. Fantastic Dream - 2021 Remaster (3:58) 3. Jerusalem - 2021 Remaster  (4:11) 4. Dance With Me - 2021 Remaster (4:00) 5. Afternoons In Utopia - 2021 Remaster (3:07)

6. Sensations - 2021 Remaster (4:26)       7. 20th Century - 2021 Remaster (1:27) 8. The Voyager - 2021 Remaster (4:35) 9. Carol Masters - 2021 Remaster  (4:34) 10. Universal Daddy - 2021 Remaster (4:01)        11. Lassie Come Home - 2021 Remaster (7:02)      12. Red Rose - 2021 Remaster (4:10)   13. Lady Bright - 2021 Remaster (0:37)

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