With their third album, Heja dom som vinner!, Babian ponders on the Swedish highflying-culture where the lifebuoys are handed out only to those who already swum ashore by them selves. It''s a guided tour through an era where the history is rewritten as soon as the tables have been turned. The lyrics are as always both fierce and multifaceted and the nerves are crackling like severed electrical cables. The acoustic and orchestrated number "Östersjöns vida vatten" enters like a dark cloud over the manic high pressure which forms the bulk of the album. This is truly Babians most diverse album so far, with programmed drumbeats as well as fuzz guitars and piano ballads, produced by Sonny Boy Gustafsson from Miss Li and recorded with friends including guest musician Anders Ljunggren from Trummor och orgel. Babian was formed in 2006 and released their long awaited debut album Fullproppad, listtoppad, livrädd och uppstoppad 2009 which was nominated for best rock/metal album by Swedish radio channel P3 in 2010. The follow up Hälften dör av fetma received as good reviews as their first album and Babian has since their start performed at the majority of the Swedish festivals, and also Âland and Roskilde festival in Denmark together with several live performances in Swedish TV and radio. Tracklisting: Exclusive vinyl master with free download of CD master including bonus track "Vit hetta" A Ung man Tillbaks i business Ta det till domstol Om inte nu så när? Östersjöns vida vatten B Peter Pan Allt är ljug Ljuset Vi lär som vi lever Tid Goodbye & adjö

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