LP-BOX - SAXON - EAGLES AND DRAGONS 9x 180g LP, All albums from 1991-2009, still sealed

All nine studio albums from 1990 to 2009 on 180 gram vinyl in a sturdy slipcase type one-piece box.
Hype sticker applied to shrink-wrap.
Discs in individual sleeves plus picture/lyric inner sleeves.


  Solid Ball Of Rock

A1 Solid Ball Of Rock (4:40)
A2 Altar Of The Gods (3:41)
A3 Requiem (We Will Remember) (5:18)
A4 Lights In The Sky (4:07)
A5 I Just Can't Get Enough (4:38)
B1 Baptism Of Fire (3:12)
B2 Ain't Gonna Take It (4:52)
B3 I'm On Fire (4:23)
B4 Overture In B-Minor / Refugee (5:37)
B5 Bavarian Beaver (1:14)
B6 Crash Dive (3:10)  
Forever Free

A1 Forever Free (5:01)
A2 Hole In The Sky (4:44)
A3 Just Wanna Make Love To You (3:57)
A4 Get Down And Dirty (5:08)
A5 Iron Wheels (4:15)
B1 One Step Away (4:59)
B2 Can't Stop Rockin' (4:06)
B3 Nighthunter (3:25)
B4 Grind (4:26)
B5 Cloud Nine (4:37)  
Dogs Of War

A1 Dogs Of War (4:34)
A2 Burning Wheels (4:11)
A3 Don't Worry (5:17)
A4 Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home) (5:23)
A5 Hold On (4:31)
B1 The Great White Buffalo (5:52)
B2 Demolition Alley (6:09)
B3 Walking Through Tokyo (5:52)
B4 Give It All Away (4:02)
B5 Yesterday's Gone (3:47)  
Unleash The Beast

A1 Gothic Dreams (1:33)
A2 Unleash The Beast (5:18)
A3 Terminal Velocity (4:45)
A4 Circle Of Light (5:28)
A5 The Thin Red Line (6:21)
A6 Ministry Of Fools (4:31)
B1 The Preacher (4:57)
B2 Bloodletter (5:33)
B3 Cut Out The Disease (5:25)
B4 Absent Friends (4:56)
B5 All Hell Breaking Loose (4:33)  

A1 Intro (1:24)
A2 Metalhead (4:52)
A3 Are We Travellers In Time (5:17)
A4 Conquistador (4:42)
A5 What Goes Around (4:24)
A6 Song Of Evil (4:12)
B1 All Guns Blazing (3:53)
B2 Prisoner (4:12)
B3 Piss Off (4:04)
B4 Watching You (5:18)
B5 Sea Of Life (8:11)  
Killing Ground

A1 Intro (1:36)
A2 Killing Ground (5:46)
A3 Court Of The Crimson King (6:02)
A4 Coming Home (3:40)
A5 Until Hell Freezes Over (4:44)
A6 Dragon's Lair (3:40)
B1 You Don't Know What You've Got (5:01)
B2 Deeds Of Glory (4:36)
B3 Running For The Border (4:26)
B4 Shadows On The Wall (6:17)
B5 Rock Is Our Life (3:55)  

A1 Witchfinder General (4:49)
A2 Man And Machine (3:28)
A3 The Return (1:18)
A4 Lionheart (6:04)
A5 Beyond The Grave (4:55)
A6 Justice (4:26)
B1 To Live By The Sword (4:10)
B2 Jack Tars (0:57)
B3 English Man O'War (4:08)
B4 Searching For Atlantis (5:54)
B5 Flying On The Edge (4:54)  
The Inner Sanctum

A1 State Of Grace (5:37)
A2 Need For Speed (3:08)
A3 Let Me Feel Your Power (3:29)
A4 Red Star Falling (6:15)
A5 I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive) (4:40)
B1 If I Was You (3:27)
B2 Going Nowhere Fast (4:15)
B3 Ashes To Ashes (4:52)
B4 Empire Rising (0:40)
B5 Attila The Hun (8:09)  
Into The Labyrinth

A1 Battalions Of Steel (6:35)
A2 Live To Rock (5:30)
A3 Demon Sweeney Todd (3:53)
A4 The Letter (0:42)
A5 Valley Of The Kings (5:04)
A6 Slow Lane Blues (4:08)
B1 Crime Of Passion (4:05)
B2 Premonition In D Minor (0:40)
B3 Voice (4:35)
B4 Protect Yourselves (3:56)
B5 Hellcat (3:56)
B6 Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete) (3:54)
B7 Coming Home [bottleneck version] (3:12)


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