LP - DIGGIN FOR GOLD - VOLUME 12 Lim.Ed. 500 copies on vinyl - Finnish 60´s Beat

Since 1993 the Diggin' For Gold series has unearthed obscure 60's beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world. Lovingly curated by master collectors extraordinaire, remastered from the

best sources and packaged with informative liner notes and pictures.


For the first time a compilation with the best and rarest 1960's beat 45's from Finland.

Diggin' For Gold volume 12 is a treat on many levels and not only are the Finnish 60's 45's among the tuffest to locate for 60's beat collectors, an eye-opener for sure!

Printed inner sleeves including lots of cool pics and liner notes.

Limited edition 500 copies, vinyl only.


 Side A

1. THE GREGORY ALLAN - Pastures of Pori

2. CARELESS - Desolate Time

3. HOLDERS - I only want to look at you

4. NEEDLES A dying man


6. JIM PEMBROKE AND THE PEMS -I don't mind I got mine

7. NEEDLES-You turned me down

8. HITCH HIKERS - Meditation

9. JORMAS- The Locomotion

Side B

1. THE BEAT STONES - Today is my bad/lucks day

2. VICTORS - I'm in love with you

3. MODS - Tommy Jones

4. DOWNWALKERS - I don't believe you

5. RONDO FOUR - On the road

6. SCAFFOLDS - Sweet Sally


8. THE GREGORY ALLAN - Shapes of Surprise

9. ESQUIRES - Olisin Iloinen


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Artist DIGGIN FOR GOLD 2 Releasedatum2021-05-21 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1-3 dagar Art nr35875 VarugruppVinyl FormatLP KatalognummerBBP101 SkivbolagBusy Bee Production 46 Genre60s Beat / Pop / Garage 1596 SkickNy, ospelad