LP - JACKIE FOUNTAINS - S/T Swedish 60's Beat Lim.ed. with poster and story

Fans of mid-60s Euro-beat will not be disappointed of this compilation of swedish Jackie Fountains including their two only singles with rare and unreleased material to be their first album release. With three of the four single sides the group made back in 1966 for the incredibly rare Dollar label and a few tracks (also recorded during 1966) released on a hideously rare 1969 LP -- Spex and Pengar. Very strong package here, with extensive liner notes by Peter Wärmling (Hasse´s brother and the group´s manager) and a glossy insert loaded with old press clippings and set lists. A CD edition with additional tracks is in the works. Mike Stax, The Loons (Ugly Things #22, December 2004) Few people out there will know that Hasse was responsible for co-writing The Stranglers'' early ''80s hit ''Strange Little Girl''. He and Hugh Cornwell (then in Sweden) used to play together in Jonny Sax during the mid 1970s, but when the group moved over to England they changed their name to The Guildford Stranglers, then just dropped the Guildford prefix. Hasse didn''t think anything was gonna happen with the group so he moved back to Sweden before the group took off, and the rest as they say is history...

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Artist JACKIE FOUNTAINS 1 Releasedatum2005-10-17 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 dagar Art nr66656 VarugruppVinyl FormatLP KatalognummerFA6505 SkivbolagFeathered Apple 1 Genre60s Beat / Pop / Garage 1564 SkickNy, ospelad