LP - PRINCE OF ASSYRIA - 3RD LEVEL Limited Edition 100 copies in Yellow vinyl

Limited Edition 100 copies in Yellow vinyl 

Born in Iraq but raised in Sweden, Prince of Assyria stands with one foot in Baghdad and one foot in Scandinavian melancholy. As a Mesopotamian royalty sentenced to diaspora in an Astrid Lindgren saga, he builds longing bridges between East and West that has touched a dedicated fanbase far beyond Sweden's borders.

After six years of silence he is finally back with his album 3rd Level. Here Prince of Assyria dives deep right into the magic world of the 60´s and takes his songwriting and production to a whole new level.

The same acid folk vibe as on an old Deram album from 1969 but yet 2020 sound.


Playing almost all the instruments by himself the songs have been recorded and re-recorded over and over to catch the turmoil of the past years. Death, illness, breakups, homelessness - the songs on Third Level have gone through almost as much as Prince of Assyria himself.

And the result is enchanting.


Side A.

It's Everywhere I Go
Blink of an eye
3rd level
Emotionally Free

Side B

Try Love
We got

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