You would think that playing in bands for a decade, and touring constantly in crappy vans, might instill the desire to make your new project a lucrative one. This however, hasn''t crossed the minds of the four members of Toronto''s Quest For Fire. The sonic assault that these guys unleash onto unsuspecting listeners in a live setting through their sometime 10+ minute journey is pure power - a contemporary take on classic rock and psychedelia. The band, made up of Andrew Moszynski (guitar), Chad Ross (guitar, vocals), Mike Maxymuik (drums) and Josh Bauman (bass), spent a little over a year holed up in a tiny practice space near Toronto''s lakeshore refining their vision and obsessiong over their common love of all things strange. Upon the demise of Canada''s most garage rock underdogs, The Deadly Snakes (In The Red Records), of which Andrew and Chad were core members, Quest For Fire began to prepare for their great unveiling before Toronto''s wary rock scene. On a hot August night in 2007 the band their first appearance at The Boat, one of Toronto''s most cherished dive bars. They quickly became the cities most sought after new band. Show offers came flooding in to open for acts such as Black Mountain, Ladyhawk, Mudhoney, Earthless and Witch. As the old bands burned out. QFF took off. "QFF could be the rallying point to unite aged Hendrix hippies and new-school Dead Meadow bong-loaders-alike" - Eye Weekly TRACKLISTING: 01. BISON EYES 02. STRANGE WAVES 03. THE HAWK THAT HUNTS THE WALKING 04. I''VE BEEN TRYING TO LEAVE 05. YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED 06. NEXT TO THE FIRE

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