Originally created and released in a small edition in Japan back in 1987
by the mysterious musician/magician Shiho.
The Body Is A Message Of The Universe features floating shimmering
synthesizer textures. It's unique and extra ordinarily serene with shifting
tone colors and spatial textures bringing the listener to a special magic
place. It's as beautiful as it's captivating. There's also a haunting edge
to parts of the album sounding like what could originally have
influenced David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti when they composed
the soundtrack to the original Twin Peaks series.
This release also features a couple of special tracks originally composed
and recorded by Shiho in the late 1980s for the Japanese Kanebo Beauty
Research Laboratory.
Part of the album also saw a limited US CD release in the late 1980s
which is hard to come by today. Although Shiho Yabuki continued her
career in Japan, both as a musician and magician and became a pioneer
of healing music in Asia, for most western listeners it was like Shiho
was one of those mysterious artists who puts out an album and then is
never heard from again. This is unfortunate, and something Subliminal
Sounds hope to rectify.
"Creativity is the unfolding of the unknown realms within the self.
Through our chosen ways of expression, each of us is daily creating a
unique universe, a unique environment. The universe created by each
and every being in endless repetition are messages of the universe. The
breath of this music, expressed from my present environment, flowing
through a myriad of places as environmental music is my expression of
The Body Is A Message Of The Universe."


Track listing:
A1. Tomoshibi
A2. Samadhi
A3. Winterland
B1. Tenshingoso (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
and Spirit)
B2. Forestland
B3. Tawamure/Cosmic Dance
B4. Energy Flow/Ki No Nagare (The Way
of The Energy Flow)

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