THE HIPSHAKES DEBUT ALBUM! Fourteen blistering tracks of teenage angst from The Nook, Up the Chimney, Bagshaw Hill, United Kingdom. These three young chaps are sure to make the likes GG ALLIN, GUITAR WOLF, THE RETARDS, and even THE STONES very proud. Eric of THE OBLIVIANS recently showed his approval with a release on his fine GONER RECORDS label. Excruciatingly loud trash punk straight from the garage that blares so loud that one must apply a warning label for the listeners'' speakers. TRACKLISTING: 01. BRAIN NUMB 02. NO NO NO NO 03. TRY AGAIN 04. IN THE SUMMER 05. STICK AROUND 06. SUMMERTIME BLUES 07. CAN''T GET THROUGH TO YOU 08. BANGY BANG 09. SEE ME COMING 10. I REALLY WANNA KNOW 11. I''M SO BORED 12. NEVER ENOUGH 13. NO REASON WHY 14. BORN TO LOSE

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Artist THE HIPSHAKES 1 Releasedatum2007-03-09 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1-3 dagar Art nr73859 VarugruppVinyl FormatLP KatalognummerC30376 SkivbolagSlovenly 5 GenreNeo Garage / Retro 60's Style 348 SkickNy, ospelad