The Whiskey Daredevils are America's finest country punk band. This Ohio band takes all the good stuff out of country, rockabilly, garage rock, and punk rock and leaves the crap you don't want behind. At last, you have found your new favorite band. Enjoy the increasingly rare fresh air of grown men and a woman in boots making rock and roll.à Bonafide is the first record with the new team of Greg/Leo/Hector/Sugar.àIt has been lovingly crafted (recorded essentially live in the studio) with our pal John Smerek at Rust Belt in Detroit.ààAll new originals exclusive to this release, many of them worked out on the band's recent tour of Germany and Belgium.àThis is the record to remind you why you like twisted American roots crapabilly in the first place!


1.1Two Packs
1.2Shine A Light
1.3Favorite T
1.4Champagne Candy Flowers
1.5The Mule
1.6Susan Instead
1.9Ward C
1.10Sonoma Girl

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