Impressive third album, second for Alone Records, of this power-heavy-psicodelic-psycho-soul maxi-combo from Vitoria. What really scares about them is the fact that they really match in that endless label. This new album of THE SOULBREAKER COMPANY masterfully combines powerfull riffs, elegant elements of psychedelia and soul, above all, a lot of soul. A collection of songs including classical harmonies and masterfully directed by an immeasurable vocal work, real disclosure of this release, without detracting much less the very important contribution made by the other members of the band. Neither more nor less than to Wales (to the Foel Studios, owned by Dave Anderson (bassplayer on Hawkwind, Amond Duul II or Groundhogs), a real landmark in the production of bands such Van der Graff Generator, Gong or Blue Cheer) were these intrepid musicians seeking for the essence, the true spirit that is already foreshadowed in their earlier work "The Pink Alchemist."The album is a journey, sometimes into space, sometimes upon earth, where the guitars speaks the language of pure rock, with crisp, warm tone that sometimes goes on a rampage and sometimes contracted to the most minimal expression, the rhythm section navigates between the delicacy and sheer forcefulness, transforming a job that is usually overlooked in one of the strengths of the album, the keyboards are made with the mastery of who is known on the right path and does not need walking stumbling around trying to invent anything, the spectacular work of the winds, which although lacking in terms of quantity are wonderfully generous in feeling, and finally the element that makes everything stand as a unified insuperable whole, the voice, which in this work is revealed as true philosopher''s stone, which makes this pot a whole with much more value than the sum of its parts. An outstanding work of these alchemists of sound, which have managed to bring the proposal to not one but several steps forward, getting within a few discs that many bands find it difficult to track over a lifetime, if ever so succeed, and this is not nothing but having a soul. TSBC''s third album and second for Alone Records / Kromatik Musik. - 11 songs focused on 70''s hard rock, with a penchant for vocals and psych/prog rock passages. - More than 2500 units sold of their last album "The Pink Alchemist". - Strong promotion on magazines and sites about psych and prog rock all around the world. - Filed under: Hard Rock 70''s, prog rock, Pink Floyd, Amon Duul II, Hawkwind. TRACKLISTING: 01. IT''S DIRT 02. OH! WARSAW 03. SOW THE ROSES 04. RUDE PERFUME 05. COLOURS OF THE FIRE DISC #2: 01. WHERE MERMAIDS SING LOUD 02. NO WAY BACK HOME 03. HAIL WHILE SHE LEAVES 04. TAKE A SEAT ON THE MOON 05. SAVIOURS 06. SANDSTORM

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