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Caesar's Palace: ¡Rock De Puta Mierda!

Classic 1996 ep for the first time on vinyl with lots of extras including their 1995 debut 7" and other rarities. Caesar's Palace (aka Caesars) in their infancy was a screaming mess of garage, psych, beat, lo-fi and cycledelica with great pop sensibilty.

Bbp 011 lp

CAESAR'S PALACE: ¡Rock De Puta Mierda!


3 different Limited editions OUT NOW!:


Deluxe Box-set
Numbered 001-100 of 100 copies. including:
Yellow vinyl Lp, T-shirt, Caesars sheets & BBP #1 catalogue.
All housed in a numbered box with sealing sticker. SOLD OUT!

Yellow vinyl Lp, Limited Edition. Numbered 101-200 of 100 copies.
Black vinyl, 300 copies   ORDER HERE!



Hellstrom Streetart

"I've sold my soul, I've been beaten in my days. I have painted my walls and I've taken what I want."

The anonymous street artist Hellstrom Streetart mixes childhood icons with lyrics from Håkan Hellström, one of Sweden's most beloved artists. Without compromising his integrity he has taken his art from the streets of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin and Budapest into the art galleries. And he won´t apologize. 

Bbp 014


132 pages

Limited edition: Numbered deluxe box with book, screen-printed Tote bag and signed print.

Bbp 015, Bbp 016, Bbp 017

Signed and numbered hand-screened litographies

Bbp 018, Bbp 019

Hand-screened t-shirts


April 2019



Vicious Visions: Retrodisrespect 1980-83

Vicious Visions' 7" single "I Beat You" is a holy grail of punk, not just because of its' limited run of only 109 copies, but also because it is a MONSTER of a hit. Formed in Halmstad, Sweden, Vicious Visions soon moved to Berlin and honed their craft in squats in the shadow of the iron curtain. They may come from the same city as Roxette, but their music has more in common with Suicide and The Stooges. With the band´s full cooperation the world finally gets to hear a full album of Vicious Visions.


Bbp 010 lp



Limited edition: Deluxe box in 100 copies Numbered 001-100 including lp in green vinyl, t-shirt and a replica poster from Berlin gig


Green vinyl Lp, Limited Edition. Numbered 101-200 of 100 copies.


Standard edition: 300 copies on black vinyl

April 2019



Hans Sidén - the boy with the paisley shirt

They say that port cities have open-mindness in their foundations. When the 60´s pop and rock revolution spread across the world, Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast was an early and passionate adopter of the well-tuned invasion. Mind-blowing music, fashion and thoughts swept over the city quays and drowned the docks´ hammer blows in multi-layered dreams of freedom, love and pure fun.

The journalist and writer Hans Sidén was in the centre of this
ecstatic turmoil, bringing his pen and Leica on constant assignments for the music press, at one point including Melody Maker. With a curious mind sparkling of new songs like a well-fed jukebox he wore down his Chelsea boots at Gothenburg´s concert venues and the legendary Cue Club with its frequent visits of international rock aristocracy. Meeting the biggest stars or some local act? The boy with the paisley shirt was ready and steady to go. One could sleep later.

Hans Sidén sat in the first row throughout the 60´s when Gothenburg´s music scene exploded. His photographs of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Dusty Springfield and many more, including local stars like Tages and The Shakers, are a vibrant testament of a decade so distant, yet oddly present.


Bbp 008 book

HANS SIDÈN - The Boy in the paisley shirt

142 pages



April 2019


Deluxe edition: 500 numbered boxes including 7" single with The Shakers and original photo


Signed portfolios with five rare photos of: 

Bbp 003: Rolling Stones

Bbp 004: The Kinks

Bbp 005: Jimi Hendrix

Bbp 006: The Beatles
Bbp 007: The Who

10 portfolios per artist


All photo´s by Hans Sidén. © by Busy-B Production



Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils vol 6

Another archeological trip in search of the perfect stoned Swedish psych/pop/groove-gems. Super-rare smoothies by Ulla & Ammi, Titti, Raunchy, Lee Kings, Rowling Gamblers, Fire, Taste of Blues, Black Mike´s Waterloo!

Bbp 012 lp

Who Will Buy These Wonderfull Evils vol 6


300 copies on black vinyl

April 2019



Måsrock: S/T

Least likely supergroup ever? Björn Olsson (Union Carbide, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Bear Quartet, Håkan Hellström), Jens Johansson (Yngwie
Malmsteen, Dio, Rainbow), Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen, Hammerfall), Gustaf Norén (Mando Diao) are among the creators of Måsrock - an indescribable hard rock record with a lot of seagull-sounds on it. 


Bbp 009 lp



Super limited run of 100 copies. 

Comes in three different hand-screened coloured sleeves.


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