Electronic Body Music, EBM, is a music genre that emerged in the early 1980s and is dominated by sequencer lines, impulsive rhythms and slogan-like vocals. EBM is basically characterized by minimalistic structures and is said to be powerful and energetic. Most important is its danceability and in-artificial hardness. With the growing popularity of this music style, a subcultural youth scene evolved, which had its revival in the past years in some parts of Europe, especially in Eastern Germany. Non|con|for|mism >: The term non-conformism is used with different meanings in different fields. The concept describes the non-compliance of the individual opinion of a human being with the dominating opinion, the refusal to conform to standards of a context which can be of social, contentual, ethic or even musical nature. mi|ni|ma|lis|tic >: In architecture and arts (including music), minimalism is the reduction to simple and clearly arranged basic structures that are often consecutively repeated. This way, independent orders have been created with own rules and laws and operating with opposites such as beginning and end, abundance and emptiness. Jä|ger 90 >: Jäger 90 is a musical duo from Rostock that has been founded in 2005 by Thoralf Dietrich (vocals & program) and Stev A. (drums), Vigo Stahlmann recently replaced Stev A. Their musical roots reach back into the early 80s. Especially the sound of DAF and EBM (see above) shaped the body-conscious sound of the three CDs published up until now: "Harte Zeiten" (own production, 2005), "Total Debil" (own production, 2006) and "Muskeln und Küsse" (Electric Tremor Dessau, 2007). The protagonists don''t give a shit, if this kind of music already existed or not. Thoralf Dietrich is also known for his activities in his side projects and for being the singer of the DAF.Partei (with Robert Görl). Drisch|ne Ska|sal >: 12 new uncompromising EBM songs, now with real drums, available from September at the music store of your choice! Tracks: 01 Der Verzicht 02 Dessau 03 Mehr von Dir 04 Verbrecher (Das Dunkle Das Böse) 05 Drischne Skasal 06 Süss und Sauer 07 Für die Ewigkeit 08 Zu jung 09 Richtung Westen 10 Komm 11 Lass mich doch 12 Unsere Jugend

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