The seventh full-length ANTI-FLAG album "The People or the Gun" is the first Anti-Flag release on SideOneDummy and starts off fast and furious as Chris #2 takes aim at those who use the Bible to control the masses. If the album''s second track, "The Economy is Suffering. Let It Die," isn''t nearly as reckless, it''s just as impassioned, as Justin Sane weighs in on the government bailouts of 2008, asking "Where are all the bailouts for the homeless and the poor?" It''s just the sort of question bands like Anti-Flag were born to ask. And there are plenty of those moments on "The People or the Gun." After fulfilling their two-record contract with a major, RCA Records, the band built a studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, their hometown, to cut their first release for SideOneDummy. By having their own studio and not having to work on any schedule but their own, they feel they''re able to create statements and music that is relevant and timely - on their own terms. As much as Pittsburgh has defined them, though, they''ve always done their best to take their message to the world at large. Drummer Pat Thetic says "It''s become a main priority to put the emphasis of our band and every show we play on community, whether it be canned food drives for local food banks, raising money to build wells in Africa, which we did on our U.S. tour, or clothing drives for the homeless on our Canadian tour." In addition to raising funds for those who need it most, they''ve created the non-profit organizations Military Free Zone (combating a provision in the No Child Left Behind act that invades students'' privacy for Military Recruitment purposes) and Underground Action Alliance (a networking site for social justice). As Chris #2 says, "This is an extension of what our vision of punk rock is, was, and will always be." TRACKLISTING: 01. SODOM, GOMORRAH, WASHINGTON D.C. (SHEEP IN SHEPHERDS CLOTHING) 02. THE ECONOMY IS SUFFERIN...LET IT DIE 03. THE GRE(A)T DEPRESSION 04. WE ARE THE ONE 05. YOU ARE FIRED (TAKE THIS JOB) 06. THIS IS THE FIRST NIGHT 07. NO WAR WITHOUT WARRIORS (HOW DO YOU SLEEP) 08. WHEN ALL THE LIGHTS GO OUT 09. ON INDEPENDENCE DAY 10. THE OLD GUARD 11. TEENAGE KENNEDY LOBOTOMY

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