The band Saboteur has been around for nearly four years now. It all began in Hamburg, where Peter (vocals/bass) formed a band with three of his buddies, Matthias (drums), Jan-Eike and Nils (guitar). From the very start, offers from labels and crowded indie-clubs were coming in, but an album would not be released until now. This leads to the question of what took them so long to finally do so. The reason for this is the artistic demand they put upon themselves. They have never settled for a song before reflecting on it, changing it and in some cases even discarding it completely until every member of the band was completely satisfied. Peter alone composed nearly 70 songs during that time, which were each developed, changed and tweaked by the others. This long process took place so that we, as listeners, could benefit from their ambition and persistence. “A Place Were Painters meet” is a labour of love that along the way has become a collection of virtuosic exploits in song construction. The songs on this album are marked by their sonic diversity and the attention to detail that was used in their composition. Intention, substance and suspense are prevalent throughout. Airy melodies broken by disharmonic elements occasionally rise to threatening noise, but the element of control is always present. This band would of course not sound the way they do without their influences. Playful arrangements, inspired by Sonic Youth; slow, psychedelic moments reminiscent of Yo La Tengo; noisy indie-rock-guitars, which carry a certain Dinosaur Jr-esque vibe are all pervasive. This album may be compared with the sounds of the afore-mentioned bands, but that would be too easy. You’ll just have to listen to it yourself. TRACKLISTING: 01. A CABBAGE WHITE (5:46) 02. LOVE SPREADER (3:43) 03. THE PLURAL (3:12) 04. TREE SONG (3:36) 05. CLINKING GLASSES ON A LUSH (4:00) 06. THIRSTY SOUL (6:16) 07. PHYSIC (3:37) 08. APPLES AND STONES (3:12) 09. THE CLOSING IN (8:27)

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