John Peel, were he alive today, would fade out gently with, ''..the kids are still mental.'' Rejoice." - The Guardian "Kingdom Of Fear" is the debut album from Glasgow''s disco kings SHITDISCO. Building on a solid reputation as the ultimate dance-punk party band, the album includes SHITDISCO''s two singles to date - "Disco Blood" and "Reactor Party" - and eight stomping new tunes. Produced by ex-CLOR man Luke Smith, "Kingdom Of Fear" is a breakneck, BPM-busting monster of an album. It''s pop music you can dance to and disco music you can shout along to. "We were thinking about the dynamics of pop music while we were making it," says co-frontman Joe. "We''re aiming to be as pop as a band called SHITDISCO can be." Referencing punk funk, old school disco and classic house motifs, the album is a party on plastic. "I Know Kung Fu" is stupidly addictive, "Disco Blood" is a homage to the past heroes of disco, even incorporating the band''s own take on the laser sounds from Kelly Marie''s "Feels Like I''m In Love". Elsewhere, "Fear Of The Future" tackles Big Brother syndrome, complete with suitably panic-stricken vocals, while "Another" nods to the band''s addictive personalities ("another, and another, and another"). "Another" was the band''s buzzword during their early days, when the four art school students transformed a Glasgow tenement flat into a notorious late-night party venue. Another party, another late night, another gig, another of those, please. The wild success of SHITDISCO''s own Shit Disco lasted for three years, during which time the band built up a reputation for playing anywhere there was a party. And if there was no party, they''d bring their own. They played gigs in disused railway tunnels, squats, and in the home of anyone who could accommodate them - an offer which still stands, extending even to their Myspace ''friends''. The glory days, almost inevitably, ended with Darren''s eviction and the threat of a £10,000 lawsuit. The band responded by buying a cheap caravan off eBay, which now serves as Darren''s home and their latest party venue. TRACKLISTING: 01. I KNOW KUNG FU 02. REACTOR PARTY 03. DISCO BLOOD 04. 72 VIRGINS 05. DREAM OF INFINITY 06. 3D SEX SHOW 07. LOVER OF OTHERS 08. ANOTHER 09. OK 10. FEAR OF THE FUTURE

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