Sit up straight and look at me when I''m talkin'' to you cause you''re about to learn a hard lesson in etiquette from THE MIDWAYS: ladies and gents, may we present 13 raw tracks of pure 60''s garage-punk mayhem on "Manners, Manners", an album that''ll send you back to charm class for carpet training! These Canucky no-goodniks busted out in 2003 with the CD "Pay More And Get A Good Seat", followed soon afterwards by a split 7" with their Ottawa cronies The Glads. The cancer spread like a sorority-house rumour through the international garagenoscenti grapevine (with the help of fanzines and limited CD comps), and now Screaming Apple unleashes the MIDWAYS'' first vinyl LP (and CD) masterstroke just when the world could use a good lesson-via-asswhup to keep decorum levels up to snuff. Though hardly prolific, these "gringos del norte" know when to talk and when to keep their yaps shut, preferring to save their best punches for the solar plexus (or lower) and give you more sonic whallop for your record-buying pesos. As always, this platter''s unashamed to flaunt the group''s influences (the SONICS, all the "Back From The Grave" one-hit wonders and the CHESTERFIELD KINGS), and attitude, with the rip/snarl of "No Thanks For Nothing" and "She Gives It Up" (previewed on the "Riot On Soundflat Strip" comp), the finger-poppin'' yelp of "Born Full Grown" and "Stuck In My Head", and the slow crash and burn of tracks like "Red Boots" and "She Loves Me". True to form, the Midways have larded their second payload of frantic originals with a pair of seemly covers, pure Sixties fuzz-crud staples "A Girl Like You" and "E.S.P." If these don''t show you how to respect your betters and behave in decent company, then nothing can! So after a long wait, now''s your chance to hear the latest Midways discus in its gloriously complete fullness. Get ready for some of the wyldest organ driven, fuzz-drenched beat-punk to come out of Canada ever since those glory days of the incredible GRUESOMES. A true hip-shakin'' sixties garage au go-go masterpiece! Wig it and dig it, kids! 


A1 Just My Kind
A2 She Gives It Up
A3 Stuck In My Head
A4 Born Full Grown
A5 A Girl Like You
A6 Have Your Way
B1 No Thanks For Nothing
B2 The More You Take
B3 Why Can't You See
B4 She Loves Me
B5 Looking For Someone
B6 Red Boots
B7 E.S.P.

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