The wildest r''n''b band on this planet has returned with their second full-length. THE RIPPERS are from Sardinia and follow a long tradition of italian garage outfits in the past 20 years. Totally devoted to all the "no-hit wonders" from the sixties, they play an insane mixture of primitive garage-punk and ravin'' rhythm''n''blues. Their main influence is the pure beat mayhem of bands like the PRETTY THINGS, DOWNLINER SECT, Q 65 and the MISSING LINKS and you can easily compare them to all those great eighties garage combos like the CRAWDADDYS, TELL TALE HEARTS and WYLDE MAMMOTHS. Havin'' released 45s on some of the coolest labels around, like H-RECORDS, SLOVENLY, PSYCH OUT, CORDUROY and SHAKE YOUR ASS and a debut album which got ravin'' reviews all over the place (the vinyl version got sold out in just 3 months), they decided to give the garage world more of that infectious stuff they''re famous for. The RIPPERS don''t want to create something new, they just wanna live out their passion for the sixties and the music of this decade. A bunch of caveteens is banging the stones and you can witness it. Be sure not to miss this record. It''s a real blast. Prehistoric sounds from the caves of Italy. Yabba Dabba Dooh! Tracklisting: Side 1 1.A strange story 2.No 3.I would mistreat you 4.Who''s knocking 5.She drives me mad 6.I''m unstable 7.Demons and witches 8.From home 9.She doesn''t believe me 10.Dark side of your mind 11.My black light 12.I''m so blue 13.I''ve got to find a way

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