Old Wounds completes YOUNG WIDOWS'' transformation into a top-shelf rock band firing on all cylinders. Forging the best parts of Nirvana, The Jesus Lizard, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Fugazi and The Melvins, "Old Wounds" is a series of dynamic, thoughtful tunes anchored by cavernous grooves that will certainly push most speakers to their breaking point. And yet, as brilliant as the songs are, the production is itself a unique achievement. For the record, the band reunited with Breather Resist uber-producer (and Converge guitarist) Kurt Ballou. Ballou had been eager to experiment with recording in multiple environments, with the intent of capturing the definitive take of each song for the final cut of the album. Since the band felt most at ease playing live shows, they brought Ballou along on tour to record all of their shows. In addition, they recorded multiple sets in their rehearsal space, and another set at Ballou''s Godcity Studios in Boston, MA. After tediously combing through a dozen hours of recordings, they compiled and mixed the album, at times literally splicing sections of songs together from different sessions (and keeping the crowd noise for good measure). Only the best takes of the strongest songs made the cut, and the result is a bonafide classic, overflowing with the sweaty euphoria of a great live show, and the high replay value of a perfectly sequenced, well-produced rock record. TRACKLISTING: 01. TOOK A TURN 02. OLD SKIN 03. MR. NO HARM 04. THE GUITAR 05. LUCKY AND HARDHEADED 06. 21ST CENTURY INVENTION 07. THE HEAT IS HERE 08. DELAY YOUR PRESSURE 09. LET HIM BE 10. FEELER 11. SWAMPED AND AGITATED

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