MAG - RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE - No 558 JUNE 2024 incl. Pink Floyd, Rob Halford, Paul Weller, Jackie Deshannon etc.

Around 150 pages UK and the worlds leading magazine for record  collectors.


Vi är "stockist" för Record Collector Magazine och får in varje nummer tidigare än tidningsbutikerna. Du kan köpa lösa nummer av oss till som vi skickar som en vanlig order. Vill du prenumera genom oss så hör av dig på telefon. Vi lägger då undan varje nummer åt dig och postar med det i din nästa skivbeställning. Du påbörjar din prenumeration och avslutar den precis när du vill till 99kr/ tidning som är  under prenumerationpriset och klart under vad den kostar i svenska butiker.  Välkommen!




COVER STORY PINK FLOYD - Having achieved unparalleled success with 1973's Dark Side Of The Moon, Messrs Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Mason faced the thankless task of following it. With a little help from their friends, they created Wish You Were Here, as a mysterious pres-ence from their past lurked in the studio shadows...
PETE WYLIE - The Wah! veteran and Liverpool post-punk legend regales RC with tales of Cru-cial Threes, near-death experiences, creative highs and commercial lows. Now he claims he's "The British Taylor Swift". Hmmm...
GERED MANKOWITZ - The photographer who framed the 60s has a new exhibition. He talks us through some highlights, including classic shots of the Stones, Oasis, Kate Bush and The Yard-birds
JUDAS PRIEST - The godfathers of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal are still breaking the law, no backmasking required, and have just had a No 2 album
JACKIE DESHANNON - One of the go-to songwriters of the 60s and 70s looks back on a storied life and a solo career that should have been more widely appreciated
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND - Anja Huwe and bandmates helped define the 4AD sound of the early 80s. After many years away from music, she's picking up that creative thread once more
FROM THE VAULTS - Reissues from artists as varied as Luther Vandross, Pavement and Gina G given a listen
NEW ALBUMS - Paul Weller's latest stars in our overview of fresh long-playing releases, with Camera Obscura and Bernard Butler in eye-catching supporting roles
BOOKS - Yet more Bowie- and Beatles-related volumes plus Serj Tankian and more
LIVES - Performances by Slash and Richard Thompson are among those witnessed

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