39 SEK
CD  RIMHEDEN, SOPHIE - HI-FI REMIXES Remixes by Johan Skugge, Hundarna från S, Håkan Lidbo, M Stövestrand etc.
79 SEK
12"  RIMHEDEN SOPHIE - HI-FI REMIXES 4 of the mixes from the CD
139 SEK
CD  LIDBO HÅKAN - 06.10.60 exciting recording of minimal groovy tunes, shuffling and developing constantly, carefull
129 SEK
CD  BERTHLING, ANDREAS - TINY LITTLE WHITE ONES Soundbytes are cracked down until only single bits remain, nice digipack
129 SEK
CD  FOLIE - MISSPASS 12 chilling tracks of cut/up beats, swirling melodies and harmonic washes. From Sweden Has
139 SEK
CD  BONARELLI CLAUDIA - EVERYTHING HAPPENS, ONLY A .... Low-key minimalistic dubscapes, floating and twitching with a straig
49 SEK
CD  RIMHEDEN, SOPHIE - HI-FI... some eighties disco pop, some glitches, some dub and so .. makes it glitch-pop, distorted-d
129 SEK
CD  MITEK PROCESS - COMPILATION 13 tracks of the most talented and interesting contemporary artists from Sweden, Håkan
59 SEK
12"  SKUGGE, JOHAN - QUARTERS EP 4 tracks, fine mix of the three elements his work is built on dub, drone and groove. B