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Visit us during the weeks 26-33 (22/6 - 16/8) and you can book a hotel night at Ikea Hotell in Älmhult, at the special price SEK 500 incl. breakfast for 2 people.


Bring your record buddy or your partner and make it a little more than a regular record store visit. Call or fill in the form and you will get all the information you need incl. discount code for the special rate at the hotel. 0476-10449.


If you have company with someone who has interests other than visit us, we are more than happy to tell you about other things to do in Älmhult.

Älmhult has Ikea Museum, Ikea's largest department store in Sweden, which is popular, but there are also flea markets, retro shops, restaurants and much more to experience.
Feel free to ask if your company has any special interest, and we will try to guide you.

Ikea Hotel in Älmhult


Fill out the form and we will return with information and discount code.
If you need more tips, please call us on 0476-10449 or write down a little in the free text box below, and we will answer shortly.

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