10" - VARIOUS ARTISTS (SYNTH / ELECTRO) - THE SAMPLE SESSION Scarce 1-sided 10" compilation, excerpts

Excerpts only.


A1 -Nicolai Adolfs One Plus One Equals One
A2 -Tomas Adolfs Alarm
A3 -Elinor Archer, Alexandra Ross Mackenzie with Philosaur Bold Tendencies III, Frank's Bar, 50 Mph, 16-07-10
A4 -Andre Avelas 'Avelas 16' Live At DNK-Amsterdam - Excerpt
A5 -Mats Björk The Sample Session Test Sequence
A6 -Staffan Björk Härmapa
A7 -Ian Brown Warhol On Walkman
A8 -Gebrand Burger Caucasus Calling
A9 -Colophon / Mobile Carrion It Requires Light - Excerpt From 'A Patient Waiter Is No Loser'
A10 -Cotopaxi Man Groaning At Work
A11 -Attila Csihar / Void Ov Voices Untitled
A12 -Rickard Daun 109 Fåglar
A13 -Sam De Groot Like A Vat That's Overflowing
A14 -Orpheu De Jong Open Faced Neck Massage
A15 -Lars Ekman Excerpt From A Conversation With John Zerzan
A16 -Elfenbeinturm Bermudadreieck
A17 -Emmusica Untitled
A18 -Erratic Boulder Solid As A Rock
A19 -Fyoelk Sound Librarian During Lunchtime
A20 -Willum Geerts Things Will Never Be The Same
A21 -Sæmundur Thor Helgason W.A. Mozart Symphonie No. 40
A22 -Will Holder Excerpt From Robert Ashley's 'Pillars', 2008
A23 -Yutaka Hoshino Untitled
A24 -Henrik Kihlberg Pan Flute
A25 -Klaus After Fish Fry
A26 -Jesse Koolhaas MyGrain
A27 -Matthias Kreutzer Horn & Oboe
A28 -Cindy Lee 55,5961556,12,9832509
A29 -Luva Summer Sample
A30 -Maia Lyon-Daw Mythical Beast
A31 -Simon J Mason Spy Station Echo Hotel
A32 -Kalle Mattsson No-o-o!
A33 -Moemlien Loon On Mirror Lake
A34 -Finn Öhlund Terence McKenna In The Tongue Of The Self-Transforming Machine Elves
A35 -Stephen O'Malley Zakir Hussain Concert, Recorded At UCLA Auditorium In June 2006
A36 -Leo Park Jackdaws In Uppsala
A37 -Taatske Pieterson My Girlfriend Agnes
A38 -Lisa Premke Enter
A39 -PTTRNS Eternal Orange
A40 -Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
A41 -Alban Schelbert Kate Speaking In 1985
A42 -Jens Schildt Wind On The Moon
A43 -Floris Schönfeld The First Message Sent To The Klingon Home World Qo'snoS From Earth, As Spoken By Marc Okrand
A44 -Strange Boutique (2) Drowning By Numbers
A45 -Stuff Linear Staketsel
A46 -Clas Svahn / UFO-Sweden With A Little Help From His Sons, Niklas and Markus When Earth Flies
A47 -Tarja Szaraniec Ahlems Rattle
A48 -TAPE THAT / Christophe Meierhans & Koen Nutters Shellac Versus Youth
A49 -Monica Tormell Karleby 2010
A50 -Tarvo Varres 100 Ping Pong Balls
A51 -Joris Verdoodt 17#
A52 -Simon Wald-Lasowski Cheap Kung Fu Scene
A53 -Henrik Wallin Kraa
A54 -Eli Walter, Jules Van Hal & Amber Van Den Eeden Disappointed In Reality
A55 -Hollie Witchey & John Blackford Butterflies

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Artist VARIOUS ARTISTS (SYNTH / ELECTRO) 34 Releasedatum2010-01-01 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 dagar Art nr34881 VarugruppVinyl Format10" SkivbolagKulter 1 GenreAmbient / New Age / Musique Concréte 352 SkickBegagnad - EX/EX+