7" - ATTENTAT - LYSANDE UTSIKTER EP Limited Edition 150 copies, Norwegian Logo - edition only sold on Norwegian tour

Limited Edition 150 copies. Norwegian Logo with foldout Black/white sleeve with lyrics etc.

Norwegian Logo -  edition only sold on Norwegian tour. We got a handful copies


3 brand new songs exclusive on this vinyl. True punk ethics in the veins of Bad Religion with swedish lyrics.


Swedish first wave punk band starting in 1977 with lots of classic songs. The core of early swedish punk together with Ebba Grön, KSMB, Perverts and others. Still going strong and better than ever. True punk etics, singalong fotballchants with great melodies. Will appeal for anyone in to Clash, Bad Religion etc.


Side A

1. Jag älskar inte dig nåt mer

2. Dagen demokratin dog

Side B

1. Anarki i Stan


Varan lades i varukorgen
89 SEK
Artist ATTENTAT 7 Releasedatum2022-04-15 LagerstatusFinns i lager Leveranstid1 - 3 dagar Art nr44856 VarugruppVinyl Format7" KatalognummerBBP110 SkivbolagBusy Bee Production 54 GenreOldschool Punk 933 SkickNy, ospelad

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