BOOK - HANS SIDEN -THE BOY IN THE PAISLEY SHIRT - 60´S PHOTO BOOK Limited Edition 500 copies with 7" Shakers vinyl Single, Last copies

Limited Edition500 copies  with 7" Shakers vinyl Single Numbered edition.


Side A - Daytripper ( Beatles )

Side B. I don´t need that kind of Loving ( Andrews )

Both songs recorded in 1966 respectively 1968 and never released before. Two real freakbeat-psych  gems.


Book 180 pages with hundreds of pictures from swinging 60´s Gothenburg.

Hardbound cover with printing on  130g Amber Graphic paper.


Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Hendrix, Dusty and Tages -

the music explosion of the 60's in Gothenburg seen through

the lens of Hans Sidén's camera.

He sat so close to the band that he could've leaned forward

and touched Lennon's shoes when The Beatles played

Cirkus in October 1963.

He bantered with Rolling Stones in a hotel room, went

to the discoteque with The Who and had dinner with

The Troggs.

He hitched a ride with Tages to Stockholm and with

The Hep Stars to Borås, served Cat Stevens home made

pizza, lent stacks of Tamla Motown and Stax singles to

english DJ Clem Dalton and hung around every soundcheck

when the stars came to town.

Journalist, illustrator and author Hans Sidén had front

row tickets to the music scene in Gothenburg, Sweden all

through the sixties and happened to bring his cameras.

His photographed is a vibrant testimony of a distans, yet

oddly present decade. The Boy in the Paisley Shirt is his

story seen through the lens of his camera.

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