BOOK - VARIOUS ARTISTS (PROGG/PROGRESSIVE) - FRÄLST! - GRAMMOFON-MISSIONEN The book to follow up the compilation Frälst!

Hardbound Book. 1500 gram Dimension 221 x 278 mm.
In both swedish and English with lots of illustrations. A really nice coffee table book.
ean: 9789197652339


Swedish Jesus Music Aesthetics 1960 - 1990 

With a preface by Johan Kugelberg and additional interviews by Emil Karlsson. 

This lavish coffee table book takes an in-depth visual look back at the amazing art and graphics of the so-called Swedish Gramophone Mission. 

The book presents the largest collection of Swedish Christian records from the 1960s -1980s ever amassed featuring 777 record covers, many of them extraordinary and surreal private/custom pressings. 

Jam packed with lots of interviews, liner-notes and previously unpublished photos describing both the success and tribulations of the mission in vivid detail. 

This collection documents and celebrates the Swedish Jesus Pop movement and is a striking record of its execution, art, and music. 

"...Praise the lord with blues and jazz and symphony orchestras, with negro spirituals and with Beethoven's Fifth, with guitars and xylophones, praise him with gramophones and tape recorders..." 



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