LP - NATAS, LOS - DELMAR orange/black splatter vinyl

Reissue of legendary LOS NATAS debut album. Remastered edition from the original tapes. Orange/black Splatter Vinyl. LOS NATAS is a trio formed during 1994 in Buenos Aires/Argentina. Their musical influences are numerous and varied, having the base of the raw and psychedelic sound of 1970s bands such as The Doors, Black Sabbath, The Who, Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, among others. Los Natas propose a journey made of basic elements: valvular equipment and vintage instruments, they incorporate the use of the senses and perception of the listener as a part of a sonic trip. They make music that changes constantly, supported by long jams that give them a different meaning every time they execute them having that way a sense of freedom in the way of interpreting the sounds, making this experience extremely related to the sensations that both the musicians and the audience receive every time a show begins. This is the essence of what people knows today as Stoner Rock.

1. "Samurai" 2. "1980" 3. "Trilogia" 4. "I Love You" 5. "Soma" 6. "Mux Cortoi" 7. "Delmar" 8. "Windblows" 9. "El Negro" 10. "Alberto Migré"

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