16 Horsepower were a Denver-based alternative country band that revolved around the unique songwriting and singing of David Eugene Edwards. The band made its name with music that combined rural backwoods kitsch with edgy, off-kilter country-rock. 'Sackcloth ''n'' Ashes' is their first full length album and was originally released in 1996. Driven by fiddles, a bizarre sense of humor, and punk-inflected country-rock, Sackcloth ''n'' Ashes, is a weirdly captivating listen. Nearly every song is a strange, backwoods fable, delivered with clever irony that never undercuts the essential, disturbing intentions of the songs. It''s not for everybody, but for alt-country fans 'Sackcloth ''n'' Ashes' is a must have. Music On Vinyl thought it was about time to release this record on vinyl, this beauty comes with a lyric sheet. -180 grams audiophile vinyl -Lyric sheet insert TRACKS: A1 I Seen What I Saw 03:24 A2 Black Soul Choir 03:51. A3 Haw 03:24 A4 Scrawled In Sap 02:46 A5 Horse Head 03:01 A6 Ruthie Lingle 02:44 A7 Harm''s Way 03:20 B1 Black Bush 03:15 B2 Heel On The Shovel 03:10 B3 American Wheeze 03:32 B4 Red Neck Reel 02:41 B5 Prison Shoe Romp 03:11 B6 Neck On The New Blade 03:15 B7 Strong Man 04:21

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